What’s Up With Trollcoin? An Interview

Many interesting things going on with Trollcoin as we found out in this interview with a Trollcoin developer. Here on Cryptolix we did a Trollcoin review a while back and figured a follow up was in order.

trollcoin cryptocurrency imageWe got in touch with Sergjiev (often “Sergjievski”), one of Trollcoin’s biggest supporters, main promoters, and developer, and asked him some questions about this interesting cryptocurrency.

Trollcoin Credentials?

First off – What is your involvement with Trollcoin – Supporter – Developer – Promoter? or something else?

Sergjievski: I got involved as a supporter and miner of trollcoin when launched on February 14, 2014.  After a couple months, the original developer gave up on trollcoin and I was given control of the Trollcoins bitcointalk account.

I then became a developer along with a small group of mostly anonymous core supporters and we have worked together ever since to build trollcoin to what it is today.

I also control trollcoinbase.com and many of the core services we maintain such as the explorer and seed nodes.

I do not do any coding myself, but maintain relationships with coders and network admins, some of who are part of the core development group. We have at times contracted work to outside trusted developers to get some work done.

Trollcoin Theory

trollcoin base logo image



For those who have no idea about Trollcoin can you give a rundown on what it is and the theory/idea behind the coin?

Sergjievski: Trollcoin is a virtual currency stored in digital form on the internet and your computer.

Just like Bitcoin, it is a worldwide network that holds a set number of units of value.  These units of value, named trollcoin cannot be altered, forged duplicated or stolen unless you leave your trollcoin wallet unsecured and available for people to take.

There will never be more than 9 billion trollcoin units, and can for the time being be minted using your computers CPU, GPU or special mining hardware called ASIC SCRYPT miners available for purchase on the internet.

People who mine trollcoin perform the vital task of keeping the currency network alive and in return receive newly minted trollcoin as a reward for their work.

Lol, that was generic, in my own words.

Bitcoin Mockery?

Sergjievski: Trollcoin was created as an inexpensive alternative to and a mockery of Bitcoin.

It is designed to be cheap to own many units of trollcoin and although the name being just a name, it is marketed towards trolls and trollcoin services such as the TwitchTV trollcoinBOT caters to those who like to prank and troll.

Make Money With Trollcoins?

Sergjievski: It is made clear that you are most likely not going to make money investing in trollcoin, it’s for fun and pranking, yet I take pride in maintaining a solid and secure environment for transactions.

Trolling and Pranking

Sergjievski: There’s trolling, and then there’s “trolling”, and trollcoin only supports and condones true forms of trolling, the classic bait and switch pranking tactic that took hold on the net and all forms of humorous trolling that does not cause irreparable physical or emotional harm to others.  The internet is our canvas. 😉

Trollcoin Challenges?

Sergjievski: My main challenge today is creating and finding ways to enable trolling with trollcoin.

It has been given as a virtual troll toll, a gift to fellow trolls as a reward and also to call out a troll. Our partnership with WhitePuma allows for twitter tipping with trollcoin and the response has been positive.

I got involved with trollcoin on a personal level because I wanted a store of value & entertainment for my channel viewers on twitch.tv/arkadeum a project I am currently focusing on.

This was before I even heard of Bitcoin, and once I came across Trollcoin I knew this was the coin for me, I took on trollcoin development literally as a joke back in April, but only a few months later, I realized it was now my responsibility to the trollcoin community and its user base to keep it going.

And I intend to support Trollcoin until I get tossed off a cliff, by then, my troll-lings will surely have taken over!

Where is Trollcoin Used The Most? 

Can people buy actual “things” with Trollcoin?

white puma tipping app imageSergjievski: Trollcoin really took of thanks to the WhitePuma tipping app.  We are active on facebook and twitter thanks to the WhitePuma platform.

We moved away from the greed and pipe dreams of the Crypto community and focus on the general population outside of that bubble.  That gives trollcoin a low profile, but as I don’t care about profitability and prestige. I maintain it was the right thing to do.

We want trollcoin to be used freely, without being associated with Crypto drama. We also openly ask that people should not mine or buy trollcoin unless they have the balls for it. 😉

Trollcoin on Twitch.tv?

Sergjievski: 2015 will be the year of trollcoin on Twitch.tv as we are rolling out the trollcoinBOT for twitch after a redesign and now beta testing for functionality and user feedback.

twitch.tv image(Editor’s Note:  Sergievski provides more in depth commentary regarding Trollcoin on twitch.tv in an article that Cryptolix published HERE.)

Twitch.tv is a playground full of trolls and we have already a strong interest from the broadcast community there as long as we create a service that adheres to twitch policy, a hurdle we are overcoming as we speak.

I am a gamer and broadcaster myself and am approaching this project with passion and an “I want this” attitude while listening to other casters for their valuable input and suggestions.

Does Trollcoin Offer New Technical Aspects As Far As Alt Coins Go?

Sergjievski: Let’s be clear, trollcoin is a copy of bitcoin/litecoin and does not offer any new technical innovation.

A currency is only as valuable as what you can do with it.  Smart people see value in trollcoin because we are not promising crazy profits or ridiculous forecasts for the future.

Our only promise is that trollcoin will be around for a very long time, indefinitely in my opinion.

We are also not trying to position trollcoin as “the” currency, but as one currency of many you can and will be able to use in meaningful ways, as well as entertaining, trollish and fun ways. 🙂

How Can I Get Some Trollcoins?

Sergjievski: The best way to acquire Trollcoin, the easiest, is to buy it on Bleutrade.  On Bleutrade you can buy Trollcoins with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many other coins.

If you have a twitch account older than may 2014, you can recieve 5,000 trolls for free at twitch.tv/trollcoin which has a distribution hub set up to spread trollcoin to twitch users worldwide.

This per account amount will decrease as demand grows.

Take note that you cannot simply create multiple accounts and receive unlimited trolls, this program is limited to existing twitch users for that reason.

Mining Trollcoin?

You can mine trollcoin with any CPU, GPU or scrypt basic device.  Details & help is available at trollcoinbase.com
You can also troll for trollcoin tips on twitter using the #trollcoin hashtag.

As of December 2014, it is easy to mine a good supply of trollcoin.  Users have reported it cheaper than to purchase using btc, ltc, or doge on Bleutrade, but the market and network hashrate fluctuates, so it changes all the time.

– The End

So there you go folks.  Perhaps everything you ever wanted to know about Trollcoin and more.  With active developers and a growing community of users it appears that Trollcoin is here to stay whether you want it to or not!

If you missed the link to the continuation of this interview that provides more details about using Trollcoin on Twitch.tv you can read it HERE.


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