What Is Trollcoin? A Trollcoin Review

It was only a short time ago that cryptocurrency was unheard of by most people, and those who were aware of it had not fathomed its rapid success.

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Trollcoin is considered one of the “fun” alt coins by many people.

Now, as Bitcoin marches on the way to mainstream acceptance, other alternative currencies such as Trollcoin are also garnering interest.

written by: S. Gupta

It is unlikely that only one currency will end up dominating our future digital transactions, and so like physical currency, digital currency will also be available in different forms that can be traded for goods and services as well as exchanged for each other.

One of these alternative currencies that is gathering steam is the curiously titled Trollcoin.

What is Trollcoin?

Trollcoin is an example of cryptocurrency (or digital “money”) which first started out on February 13, 2014 as a way to reward good natured “trolling”.

The word is derived from “troll”, which is a fictional character often found in fantasy books as deformed, hideous creatures usually up to no good.

Similarly, trolling was associated with anti social and anti community building behavior on the internet although has now been used more subjectively to denote funny, ironic or debate worthy antics.

Someone who “trolls” ironically is sending a message and thus bringing attention to unacceptable behavior.

The latter is the sort of behavior that Trollcoin looks to reward, although like any currency it can be used to reward any behavior.  Trollcoin has even made its way into the Urban Dictionary.

How Many Trollcoins Will Be Produced?

Some of the early cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin did not quite accommodate for the massive interest in them we are seeing right now while designing the algorithms, as a result of which their maximum numbers are quite small.

This means that there will always be some inherent instability in these currencies. Trollcoin has an upper limit of 9 Billion, which seems more than sufficient right now.

How To Use Trollcoin?

It is extremely easy to start mining and using Trollcoin – just visit the main Trollcoin website for more details.  The currency has really found traction among the community. The developers have deliberately kept a low barrier of entry for mining machines allowing more and more people to start mining and using Trollcoin.

You can download a Trollcoin wallet from their main website noted above. This allows to you to store and make transactions using the currency.  An online digital Trollcoin wallet is available for all the major computing and mobile platforms around the world, with support for smaller ones coming soon.

Trollcoin Tipping Apps

Trollcoin also allows you to send funds via twitter, facebook, reddit and twitch.tv. Leveraging social platforms has given the currency the visibility it needs to rapidly increase users and for businesses to start accepting it.

Twitch.tv, in particular is known as the home of trolls on the internet.  It is a website that has become the home for all major e-sporting events around the globe. Having a distribution channel set up on the website, as well as integrating some of the paid features to be allowed to be paid with Trollcoin has added a lot of credibility to the currency.

Trollcoin Exchanges

You can buy Trollcoin using conventional currency or exchange it for a number of alternative coins at the Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange,  AllCrypt and Cold Cryptos.

Trollcoin Price Chart

trollcoin price chart image November 2014

Trollcoin Price Chart From Bleutrade. Troll trades in the Dogecoin, Litecoin, and (sometimes) Bitcoin markets on Bleutrade.


Trollcoin seems to be intent on furthering the entire concept of crytocurrency by making it interchangeable and tradeable rather than looking to be the only one around after a few years.

This sort of forward thinking as well as community efforts bode well for the future of this cryptocurrency.  Let the Trolling begin!

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