What is DogeCoinDark?

The cryptocurrency community has been growing at a fantastic rate over the last few years. The world has never been smaller and easier to navigate and if digital currencies continue on the same adoption path that they have been, then soon people will be wondering how this idea was not implemented earlier.

UPDATE:  DOGECOINDARK has re-branded to VERGE CURRENCY – see our article HERE.

dogecoindark DOGED imageAmong the forerunners of cryptocurrency that is focused on providing a secure and anonymous experience is DogeCoinDark – traded under the symbol DOGED.

What is Dogecoindark?

DogeDoinDark is a cryptocurrency that styles itself as a leader among currencies that take have specialized features to ensure complete privacy when conducting transactions.

The network has been specially made for transactions on the darknet.  There is a widespread deployment of dedicated nodes across the internet which help maintain the integrity of the system and keep it’s users completely anonymous.

How to get Dogecoindark?

Like most cryptocurrencies this one too has to be mined by individuals all over the world, but mining alone isn’t the only way to acquire it – once coins are mined the miners sell the coins on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bleutrade and many people acquire them that way – sometimes even for less than what the miners paid in electricity just to mine them.

The algorithm for mining can be downloaded and then mining can be started within a few minutes itself.

anonymous cryptocurrency doged imageThere are wallets that can be downloaded and then used to make transactions.  A variety of wallets with each having some distinguishing features are available.  See: http://www.dogecoindark.net/


DogeCoinDark has integrated the Tor network with its wallets as it is the only network which has been demonstrated to be (at least somewhat) resistant to any forms of surveillance or overseeing.

The DogeCoinDark developers tell us that they also built an i2p darknet, not just Tor!

Users can actually choose which network to use, regular internet, tor or i2p.  i2p changes the users ip every 14 seconds, 3 times, where as tor changes it 3 times every ten minutes.


To mine DogeCoinDark, a person can access some of the pools like goldmin.es or miner pools or it can be bought and sold at the popular bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchanges.

How many Dogecoindark can be mined?

A total of 16.5 billion coins can be mined. 13.5 billion coins will be mined in the initial issue with 1 billion coins being issued every year after that.

A huge distribution is kept in mind to ensure that a truly democratic currency with fair distribution and valuation can emerge.

It has been seen with digital currencies that the consolidation of a large percentage of the coins with just a few mining companies make the entire currency susceptible to sudden spikes and drops in valuation.This makes it scary for small investors to enter the market as well as for retailers to start accepting the currency.

Where can you use Dogecoindark?

The currency is trying to increase the acceptance among e commerce sites, with a number of merchants showing enthusiasm for the fast growing digital currency.

Currently it can be used at bitcoinshop.org and pexpeppers.com.

The future for this digital currency looks good as there is a concerted community effort behind it and in built safe guards to prevent the big miner rigs from dominating the space.

More DogecoinDark information can be found at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=817937

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  1. DogeCoinDark has all the elements to be a huge success.

    1) An active competent developer
    2) A growing supportive community
    3) Great technology with multiple anon options for users.

    Pick up a couple million DogeD while they are cheap 🙂


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