Trollcoin – The Ever Expanding Universe July 2015

trollcoin cryptocurrency imageLast week (July 2, 2015) Cryptolix did a follow up interview with Karl Wickman the main Trollcoin dev to get some current information about what’s going on with Trollcoin these days.

UPDATE: Trollcoin News – Trollcoin v2.0 To Launch December 1, 2015 – Reverse Split

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Trollcoin has a great Bitcointalk thread going all the way back to February 2014, and there’s plenty of other (current) info (and conversation) about this coin in that thread, so if you’re keen on getting the history be sure and check that out too.

Trollcoin Interview July 2015

We tracked down Karl Wickman via Trollcoin on Twitter and then email (he was easy to find) to tell us what his current thoughts are about this coin, what’s in development, and more.

1) What are some of the latest developments with Trollcoin?

We are currently focusing on practical usability for Trollcoin on  as well as Trollcoinbot on, two of the leading video game broadcasting portals in the world.

TrollcoinBOT for Twitch has been in continued development and Twitch has been an active test bed for this project since we last spoke.

Monetized Competitive Gaming

twitch tv

Trollcoin’s integration.

Along with improving efficiency in the back end, our most exciting feature released just last week is the Trollcoin Money Match service.

In short, it is an escrow service for instantly monetizing competitive gaming on Twitch.

The user experience is that of a Money Match, easy for broadcasters to host and highly interactive for viewers and participants.

Interactivity is perhaps the most important aspect of the Twitch experience as a whole and we are happy to add to that with the Trollcoin Money Match service.

Is It Legal?

Is it legal?  Yes.  Twitch is based in California, home to some of the most restrictive gambling laws in the country, so we designed TrollcoinBOT and the Money Match service to comply with all laws pertaining to gambling, in short, it’s not a gambling bot.

Trollcoin’s Chrome (browser) Extension?

To give broadcasters an additional incentive for using trollcoinbot we introduced a companion app to TrollcoinBOT, a Chrome browser extension designed to work with TrollcoinBOT for both Twitch as well as Hitbox. It simply notifies users of the extension when a Team TrollcoinBOT channel is live on Twitch or Hitbox.

After about a week, the Chrome extension has over 30 active users and more add it each day, giving an increased incentive for casters to use the bots.

More About Trollcoin and

hitbox tv imageTrollcoinBOT was ported to earlier this week & is being tested by a few broadcasters.

We are looking into the possibility of adding a betting feature for viewers to this bot as Hitbox has far less restrictions than Twitch and is not based in the United States, we still plan on following all applicable laws and are currently researching this option.

2) Is the user base growing on Twitch? If so what are some rough numbers?

About 60 Twitch channels have added TrollcoinBOT, about 10 of those are active broadcasters and we average about 1 additional broadcaster per day joining the team.

These are intentionally low numbers as we are not advertising the service, instead using this slow growth as an ongoing beta test period.

These numbers are expected to grow with the Money Match feature now in place, this will give our developer the opportunity to gauge how well it performs under increased loads. Once the bot is added to channels with a large viewer base, above 100 concurrent viewers, we will be looking into how to tweak functions to work for broadcasters of that caliber where chat activity may interfere with using the bot solely in chat.

An extensive update will be released later this year to add additional features and specifically address issues related to large channels.

3) Any plans to integrate Trollcoin into gaming apps like other coins (like Gcoin) are doing?

Right now, no games in production that will make use of Trollcoin, however we are in talks with a few game developers, so we will see how that works out in the coming months.

4) Your thoughts on the increased trading volume (and price) of Trollcoin.

This increase in price and volume is still very small and most likely a direct reflection of a few broadcasters and viewers purchasing trolls for use on the Twitch and Hitbox bots.

We have entirely ceased courtship of exchanges and promoting Trollcoin to investors and have diverted 100% of time and resources on creating fun and meaningful ways to use Trolls.

If volume on Bleutrade and Cryptopia reach a certain level, other exchanges can be expected to add Trollcoin, they make money off trades, so it has to be worth their while of course.

5) Any other joint ventures/plans in the works?

Going back to TrollcoinBOT, a web site portal is in the works, designed to take it to the next level, but too much is uncertain at this point to give any details. I am very excited to work with our bot developer on this project.

The planned Trollcoin Android wallet is also on the back burner for now.

We are of course always eager to collaborate with individuals who have ideas where Trollcoin can be used in entertaining and humorous ways.

… end of interview

Well folks, it looks like “slow and steady” is the theme for this coin.

It’s nice to see continued development and a growing community and active interest of users/followers/traders/watchers.

Cryptolix will continue to keep an eye on Trollcoin.

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