Trollcoin News – Trollcoin v2.0 To Launch December 1, 2015 – Reverse Split

Trollcoin developers have announced a reverse split (10 – 1) that will begin at midnight PST December 1, 2015

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Trollcoin announces reverse split to commence December 1, 2015

You can find all the details posted at the following BitcoinTalk URL:

What’s Going On With Trollcoin?

Here’s the synopsis from the BitCoinTalk post:

The current TrollCoin code has a flaw that after several attempts to patch still remains. This became apparent early this year when block time began to fluctuate and has persisted regardless of hash power. With the recent patch to v1.5.0.0 the problem has only escalated. All the numbers appear inconsistent & as much as we love to troll, this problem will eventually kill TrollCoin. Because of this we have decided to start fresh with clean code & a coin swap at Bleutrade to phase out the [TRL] blockchain.

Here at Cryptolix we’ve detailed the development and evolution of this coin over the last 18 months or so.  The coin has strong and dedicated developers and we’re confident this new path will only strengthen and secure the coin and it’s network/blockchain for years to come.

We’ll keep our readers updated of any new(er) developments with Trollcoin in the the future.

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