Trollcoin and Facts

We previously interviewed Sergievski, (one of the Trollcoin developers) about Trollcoin and he provided some insight on where they plan to take their coin within the ecosystem.

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This is a continuation of the first interview which you can find HERE. imageMore About Trollcoin and

Sergjievski:  Trollcoin was used on for a few months in a testing period and used as a betting currency for viewers of any given channel to place bets on matches played on stream by broadcasters.  We had some code issues as well as realized this wasn’t legal to do on twitch.


Sergjievski: We are now ready to roll out the new trollcoinBOT for twitch that will allow viewers and casters to use trollcoin as a currency for viewer loyalty systems and for rewarding people with stream perks.

The trollcoinbot for twitch is at its core similar to the dogetipbot for twitch in that it allows for instant transfer of trollcoin between twitch account holders.

Twitch is a community of online video game play broadcasters where anyone can view the action and chat with the broadcaster and other viewers in real time.

The trollcoinbot has its own channel where broadcasters can go to “send” the bot to their channel where it will then reside as a normal user. The caster can then control the bot and use its services by typing simple commands in chat.

Tipping Details

Tipping from one person to another is done by typing !tip username amount.

And as soon as any caster or viewer begins to type commands in a channel where the bot resides, an account is automatically created for them on the trollcoinbot server database.

This works because everyone on twitch has a unique username and the trollcoinbot simply has to keep a database of users and their related information such as balance, deposit address & other information collected thru interaction with the bot.

How To Deposit?

You can deposit trollcoin to your account by typing !deposit

Your trollcoin deposit address linked to your username will then appear for you to send trollcoins to.

!withdrawal address amount allows you to send trolls in your twitch account to any wallet outside of twitch.

Broadcasters Receive “Tips”

Sergjievski: Broadcasters can now receive tips for their broadcasts, accept trollcoin for stream perks & sell their earned trollcoin on an exchange for bitcoin or any other coin

Broadcasters can also reward their viewers with trollcoin for simply watching their broadcasts with a loyalty program feature. This allows the broadcaster to set an amount they will give to each active viewer every 15 minutes.

I will have my channel ( ) set to 15 trollcoin per 15 minutes, this can be changed by the broadcaster to any amount since the value of troll may fluctuate quite a bit in the years to come.

Now for the fun stuff.

Sergjievski: Depending on what broadcasters do, they will have a growing set of options for viewers to use their trollcoins during the stream.

The first feature to roll out is a pay to play feature for broadcasters who play online games with and against their viewers.

I play old school street fighter games for example and often hold casual lobby matches where the winner of a fight will stay on and play the next person in line.

This is where the !gotnext command comes in.  By typing this, any viewer will be placed in a queue and 25 trolls will be deducted from their account, when the next match is up for play, the name of the next person in line will appear in chat and challenge the winner of the last game played, and so on until the session ends.

Another feature available soon is the tournament feature where viewers are able to join a live tournament, pay the entry fee and fight for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winnings.

Is It Gambling?

Sergjievski: As this is a skill based format, it is legal by twitch policy and not considered gambling.

The trollcoinbot will also feature several useful tools such as a coinflip feature to settle draws and a random number generator for any use.

Many more features & modes are under consideration and will be announced at trollcoinbase as testing progresses in the weeks to come.

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