QoinPro Review – A Free Cryptocurrency Faucet

You’ve entered the cryptocurrency market and want to acquire a bit of coinage.  A good place to start is to create an account with QoinPro and we tell you about this interesting company in this review.

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When you sign up for free at QoinPro they will give you free coins.

What Is QoinPro?

Begun by three men in Hong Kong, QoinPro is an online multi-currency wallet currently in Beta (as of October 2014).

Right now, all a user can do is create an account and accrue (free) coins. Eventually, the company says it will provide trading, buying and selling services.

QoinPro Mission Statement

QoinPro has an interesting Mission Statement (https://qoinpro.com/info/ourmission).  Paraphrased, they want to increase interest in cryptocurrency, educate the marketplace, listen and respond to the community and get people talking about them.

In order to facilitate this mission, QoinPro gives out small amounts of free cryptocurrency to anyone who signs up. While these amounts are miniscule, they can add up over time. As a sign-up bonus, users receive small amounts of several different digital currencies, and even smaller amounts daily.

You can increase the amount of coins deposited into your account by recruiting new users into the system and receiving a small commission. The more people you recruit, the more coins you receive.

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You can get free Bitcoins every day with a QoinPro account.

Where To Sign Up With QoinPro

To sign up with QoinPro, either go directly to their website by clicking This Link or find a banner ad on another website such as Dogecoin Directory (http://dogecoindirectory.net), click on “sign up for free” and follow the on screen prompts to create a username, password and pin.

QoinPro will send you an email to confirm your account. Follow the link, type in the confirmation code, and you will receive your first coins.

How Many Coins Can I Get?

At first, only a few of the possible cryptocurrency will be available, but new ones will unlock over time or through specific actions by the user. For example, Bitcoin, Feathercoin, Virtacoin and Litecoin are immediately available.  After a few days, other coins, such as Dogecoin will automatically unlock.  Others, such as Earthcoin, unlock after specific actions.

What Else Can I Do At QoinPro?

Currently, the only function available, other than acquiring coins, is withdrawal.  Two words of caution, however. First, QoinPro does charge a small trading fee, so you will not have enough coins to withdraw for quite some time.


Second, someone claiming to be a user from West Virginia, wrote on Ripoff Report (www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/Qoinpro) that if you try to withdraw funds from your wallet, QoinPro will close your account with no warning. However, this complaint is unconfirmed, and the author does not actually state it happened to him.

Overall, this seems like a fun way to create interest in cryptocurrency, and I applaud the creators of QoinPro for their forward thinking.

Article Written By: Kirsten Maki

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