HTMLCoin Transitions To HTML5

It seems that our original thoughts regarding HTMLCoin are coming to fruition as the HTMLCoin community continues to grow and the development of the coin’s features are expanded/changed with HTML5 Coin.

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You can follow HTMLCoin’s transition on their twitter page – click the image above.

HTMLCoin Becomes HTML5

After some problems with the original HTMLCoin’s blockchain and/or code which was causing too many coins to be generated among other things, the developers of the coin along with input from the HTMLCoin community have come up with a novel solution to “save” the coin from obliteration.

Enter HTML5 Coin!  ( trading symbol HTML5 )

HTML5 Coin Specifications

Check out the graphic below which details all of the features of this coin that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Along with new and freshly updated social media accounts (to keep the general public informed) the HTML5 Coin developers have introduced a plethora a new features that should make this coin attractive to miners and traders alike.


You Can Buy, Sell, and Trade HTML5 Coin At Bleutrade – CLICK HERE!

HTML5coin specifications image

With a growing community of users, traders, and general believers HTML5 Coin seems to have a bright future.

What Happened To All The Old HTMLCoins?

Starting in early September 2014 thru the 25th of September 2014 all holders of the “old” HTMLCoin have/had the opportunity to deposit their coins at Bleutrade (or Comkort) and “exchange” them (at a ratio of 13 – 1) for the new coin now called HTML5.

On September 25, 2014 all existing “regular” HTMLCoins (in user’s Bleutrade wallets) will automatically be converted at a ratio of 15-1 if the holder’s of the coin did not facilitate the “swap” themselves.

What About Mining?

The ability to “mine” the old HTMLCoin has been stopped as well and new mining pools are being established for the new coin.  You can also stay updated on the progress of this coin by joining the  HTMLCoin Facebook Group or following them on Twitter.

Where Does HTML5 Trade?

You Can Buy, Sell, and Trade HTML5 Coin At Bleutrade – CLICK HERE!

While there are several exchanges listed on the website it seems that the vast majority of trades are taking place at

(as of mid – late September 2014) the majority of trades are taking place in the Dogecoin/HTML5Coin marketplace as the majority of coins for sale are priced below 1 Satoshi BTC, although quite a few of the coins are being traded in the Litecoin marketplace as well.

This will likely change over time as the “new” coin is officially transitioned by the end of September 2014 and the holders of the new coin at Bleutrade have the ability to withdraw some of their coins and deposit them at the other exchanges.

Does HTML5 Coin Matter?

With so many other coins being developed and introduced every day (see it may seem that this may just be another coin that will soon be relegated to the dustbin of history, but it may pay to know that this coin has been around for some time and has developed and grown through some pretty big challenges that every alt coin has faced.

Can I Buy Anything With HTML5?

The development of a “marketplace” to buy and sell all manner of things as well as a Facebook tipping app should bode well for its future as well.

Here’s a quote from a post on Facebook:

HTMLCOIN MARKET PLACE is ready for business. We use White Puma Multi-tipping to BUY & SELL here:

It should also be noted this coin is already integrated with Cointopay  and other companies plan to integrate this coin into their online payment systems/wallets as well.

So lots of good stuff going on in addition to plans for more games and a mobile wallet.

With an active community of followers and believers HTML5 coin should not be written off as “just another alt coin”, and we at Cryptolix believe it should stay on every trader’s radar as a potential coin to invest/trade in for outstanding gains in the months and years to come.


Article written by: Jack Folsgood

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