HTML5COIN Experiencing Solid & Robust Growth

HTML5Coin continues to grow in both trading volume and real world adoption.  A few days ago I (Jack Folsgood) had an online chat with one of the developers of HTML5Coin – Ian Hervey –  and this is what he had to say.

html5coin imageThe HTML5COIN Interview

Me: Ian,  I see that the Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange has made HTML5Coin one of the main “trading pair coins” right alongside Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin?

Ian:  We were all very happy to see that.  HTML5COIN is one of the leading volume coins on Bleutrade – and other exchanges that offer it such as Comkort,  BTC-Market,  Cold Cryptos,  etc, are seeing developing trading action.

The active trading volume of html5 in various exchange sites is an indicator of positive growth and continued network expansion. The more users, the better! Everyone knows that currency, both fiat or virtual, is has “value” only when people using it as medium of exchange. Html5coin has these characteristics now and will continue to do so.

Me:  What are your plans for future growth?

Ian:  To sustain this positive growth, our team will continue doing our awareness efforts in various platforms of social media and news agencies, as possible.

This effort is stipulated in our 6-12 month strategic plan outline.

We will partner with various game and application developers in fulfilling gamification projects. Html5coin will be used as one or more of the currencies for recreational gamification and simulations.

You can find out more about one of these gaming projects by visiting – Those are the types of projects that our supporters help us to get involved in – I am not personally involved in that one at this time.

Tipping Apps and Faucets?

Ian: In fact we already partnered with a tipping app in Facebook, allowing our members to tip each other, trade services, and barter other coins –  and one of our supporters built an HTML5COIN Faucet for coin giveaways! 

These are the few initiatives we are doing to integrate html5coin to the mainstream. We will continue building e-commerce infrastructure to be release in the later date.


E-commerce infrastructure, such as plug-in apps, mobile wallets, and other avenues of exchange will facilitate trading in goods and services.

You can see some online merchants who accept HTML5Coin in trade for their goods and services at:

What Else Do You Have Going On?

We will increase our effort to be listed in various sites, especially with multi-currency capabilities, helping other altcoin succeed.

Gamification, e-commerce, applications developer partnership, exchange site listing, and public relations are the fundamentals of our success, contributing positive results to our community and currency value.

Our community is diverse, composing 67 countries and counting!

There is no sunset for html5coin. We are trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This is because we successfully build strong communities in different time zones, while we are sleeping here in Chicago, USA, people in Jakarta, Indonesia are trading.

Diversity is essential in the development of our community. Even our team is composed of various nationalities, bring new ideas and innovation.

In Facebook, are now building groups in each country to accommodate cultural needs and to localize interactions. As we build our community and the value of our currency, we hope to be a catalyst of change, helping to bring altcoins the mainstream.

Me:  Wow Ian!  That’s a lot!  Good luck with HTML5Coin and Thank You For Your Time.

Ian:  My pleasure to talk with you – Have a Great Day.


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