How To Get Started Playing Poker Online With Bitcoin

Figuring Out How Bitcoin Gambling Works

The explosion in the amount of online gambling (new players coming back into the game(s)) in the USA is amazing after the recent IRS ruling that “Bitcoin is property“.

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There are some really nice places to gamble online with your Bitcoins.
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Clearing The Way

This ruling has cleared the way for ‘legal online poker and casino gambling” in the USA once again.

To say that online poker and casino gambling players in the USA are thrilled is an understatement.

Online poker player “ABitDoger” says – “this is absolutely incredible – USA players who have been pining for online poker since Black Friday have found once again a way to easily play their favorite “game of skill” once again.

Is It Really That Easy?

“Easy” may be a bit of an understatement.  While it is not all that difficult to fund an online poker or casino site with Bitcoins it does take some time.

How To Play Bitcoin Poker

Here’s the easiest way to get started playing online poker and other casino games with Bitcoin if you are in the USA.

  • Go to and make an account there. (link it to your bank account) or See this post on how to buy Bitcoins with a credit card.
  • Once you have a “verified account” you can now “buy Bitcoin” (or any portion thereof)
  • You don’t have to buy an “entire” Bitcoin – you can buy a “portion” – even $10 worth.
  • Once you have some Bitcoin in your Coinbase (or whatever site you bought it from) account/walet you can now transfer it to your selected Bitcoin Poker site’s online wallet.  (you’ll need the wallet “address” – easily found in your favorite online gambling site’s instructions).
  • Once you transfer your money/Bitcoin from to your gambling account/wallet you are good to go.
  • If you want to see a short video about “online wallets and how to move cryptocurrency around  online” see this Cryptolix Youtube video.  The process is the same.

It really is as easy as that.

The Best Online Bitcoin Poker Sites

While there are not (currently) a lot of places to play poker online using Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies for that matter) there was a very well developed poker room called Seals With Clubs that is no longer in existence.

Seals With Clubs

NOTE:  Seals With Clubs Poker is no longer operating.  

They didn’t get hacked or anything like that – they had some ownership issues.  Everyone who had Bitcoin on deposit with them got their Bitcoins back.

The original and longest running online Bitcoin only poker room was Seals With Clubs (funny name I know), but they (February 2015) shut down.  They said they may be back up at some point in the future.

Texas Hold ’em, Tournaments, Freerolls, etc. Usually 200 or more players.

bitcoin and litecoin poker room imageBetcoin

Betcoin has an excellent poker room.  As of this writing most of the action is in the tournaments, but you can often find a game going on otherwise, especially at the lower stakes.

Click Here To Check Out Betcoin’s Poker Room.

Betcoin also accepts Litecoin for their games.

They have casino games and a Sportsbook as well.

Betcoin Poker Review Video


Conclusion and More!

Rather than go into all of the nitty gritty in this article, I recommend you check out This Article that one of my buddies wrote.

In it he details the top 2 bitcoin poker sites you can play at right now.

Other Crypto Gambling Sites

We recently came across an excellent (incredible actually) “Bitcoin only” casino games site that not only has some very nice slot machines and other casino games that you can play in your browser, but also features “Live Dealers” for Blackjack and other table games.  Check out our thoughts about that here.

Good Luck!



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