How I Got Started in Cryptocurrency

To be quite honest, I never really expected I would ever dabble in cryptocurrency.  I have never been one to “play the market,” as they say. I stay away from investing in just about anything other than the government secured savings plan my husband has with his job.  By: Kirsten Maki

bitcoin litecoin dogecoin imageIs Cryptocurrency A Gamble?

On the other hand, I do enjoy the occasional trip to the casino, never taking more money with me than I can afford to lose.

I decided to do some initial research about Bitcoin and even wrote an article about getting started with it that you can read Here.

With this in mind, and with a little encouragement from a family member I decided to create an account with a Cryptocurrency Exchange by the name of Bleutrade.

I also created a digital wallet on my smartphone for Dogecoin.  After all, I figured, I can write more accurately about the cryptocurrency world if I am a more direct part of it.

Tech Savvy I Am Not

I am not the most tech-savvy person, and I am often a bit stumped by creating accounts with online companies. They are not always the most user friendly; however, I found the process of setting up an account with Bleutrade to be quick and surprisingly easy, especially when my previous research had indicated it could be a bit tricky.

Besides, Cryptolix has a good article about getting set up with Bleutrade that you can see Here.

Bleutrade Exchange image

Bleutrade makes it real easy to set up a cryptocurrency trading account.

First Steps

My first step was to go the Bleutrade website. Once there, I followed their step-by-step process to create my account.

First, I clicked on the link “Register Now.” This brought me to a page where I entered my e-mail address, created and confirmed a password of choice, and a username.

Once that was complete, I was brought to my newly created wallet, where I could see not only what I own (nothing at this point, of course) but also the current value of Bitcoin in US dollars as well as Euros and several other foreign currencies.

Is It Easy?

I found Bleutrade’s website to be surprisingly easy to navigate. I will admit some real lack of knowledge about markets, either “real” or digital.  However, after only a couple of failed attempts, I was able to locate the information for my wallet ID for both Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Also of interest, was the site’s navigation bar, which is also quite easy to understand. On the left of the screen, I found a list of links for my profile, wallet, affiliates, transactions and calculator, as well as a link to logout of the system.

Along the top of the page I found such information as “home, trade, about, help, forum, news, and my account.” I look forward to truly exploring this website thoroughly and learning more about both Bleutrade and cryptocurrency in general.

It Is Easy!

Immediately after creating my account, I received an email from Bleutrade to confirm my email address. I followed their link to confirm my account. It really is that easy to get started.

android wallet for Dogecoin imageUsing A Smartphone Wallet

My next step in entering the cryptocurrency world was to set up a digital wallet on my smartphone.

I chose the smartphone option rather than a home computer because I work off a laptop that is already packed with my research and other interesting bits of my life.

I wasn’t sure I wanted yet another program filling up space.  Anyway, I went to Dogecoin’s website at to create my wallet.

Following their links for getting started, I moved over to my Android based smartphone, opened Google Play and searched for Dogecoin Wallet.

I found the app easily, and I downloaded it in only a couple of minutes. Once done with that, I opened the app and created my account. Again, this was incredibly easy to do and understand.  I created a security key, and took a look around my options on the app. I am now able to buy, sell, and trade Dogecoin from my phone.

How Long Did It Take?

Overall, I found the process of setting up my accounts quite easy. The process took less than an hour to complete, and I feel I have a reasonably good sense of what I am doing.

I still need to “play” with both the Bleutrade website and the Dogecoin wallet, but I am ready to try my hand at this new and exciting world.

Will I become a great trader? Probably not. I just don’t like taking risks with money. I am sure I will do some trades and exchanges as I learn how cryptocurrency works, and I know I will follow Bitcoin and Dogecoin values, especially over the next few months.

I can see the appeal of cryptocurrency, particularly to those in the techie world. When buying and selling merchandise becomes as easy as getting started and trading coin, I can understand why someone would use it, especially if they have a few extra dollars to invest.

Article Written By: Kirsten Maki

Editor’s Note:  p.s.  Looking to get into trading cryptocurrency?  Cryptolix has some cryptocurrency trading tips you should look at.

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