Gcoin Update 2017: Gcoin Changes Name To GCN

We’ve been following the Gcoin cryptocurrency for at least a couple of years now – see article #1 here, article #2 here, and article #3 here, and we recently hit up the developer for his thoughts on what’s going on these days (quite a bit actually) after we heard that the coin name had changed from Gcoin to just GCN.

gcoin changes to GCN image

Gcoin cryptocurrency has changed their logo as well as their name.

What’s Up With Gcoin Changing To GCN?

The following is a direct quote from the GCN developer Greg G. 

Hi Guys,

This is the update story on GCN (which was GCoin)

Late last year we were approached by a group from the USA. They have purchased the rights to the GCoin name, logo and all website URL’s.

We are now GCN only. We have no idea who the company is.

We now have enough funding to keep GCN developing for a very long time.

The new main website is www.gcn.zone

We also have just launched www.gfile.us. We reckon it’s the easiest and fastest file transfer system out there. No email address needed. No Links. Just the file and a password that you make up. It works on iPhones, Android phones, laptops, notebooks and computers. Type gfile.us into Safari or Chrome etc. It’s a free service. Maximum file size is 5GB. You get GCN 10,000 free when you download your file. There are some charges for additional services. For example if you want to store files etc for more than a week.

Most of the original GCN 31.5 billion to be distributed through the games from 2014 is gone. There is GCN 3 billion left. We will provide the free GCN for www.gfile.us

Our GCar android app for car sharing is complete and working.We haven’t launched it yet as we’ve been distracted with the GCN change and www.gfile.us We intend to launch it soon and integrate GCN at a later date.

World of Electronics sales are going well too. You can spend your GCN there to buy electronics. They will ship worldwide so spend spend spend.

Other than that it’s business as usual.

All the best


The above ends the direct quote from the GCN developer and we have to say that all of this makes us more than ever big believers in the future of this coin.

Whenever you see active development, open and honest discussion – (check out nearly 3 years of discussion over on Bitcointalk), new developments, and increasing trading activity.

GCN had been one of the top traded coins on a daily basis in the Dogecoin market over on Bleutrade, but they delisted it for some reason – it now trades over on Cryptopia  where you can buy it with Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Unocoin.

It also is trading (thinly at the moment) over on Livecoin

GCN is one of the last extremely low priced coins that has been around for a few years that still have active development so you can figure there’s an excellent chance for lots of money to be made buying low and selling high.

When Trading – Patience Is A Virtue (usually)

We’ve been buying (and occasionally selling) Gcoin/GCN for nearly 3 years ourselves – this is (currently) a very low risk coin (in our opinion) and lots of fun to buy millions and millions of something at an incredibly low price.

As of today (March 6, 2017) you can buy about 5 million GCN for right around $1 USD (or 20 cents per million coins) when using Dogecoin to buy it..


We’ve seen a huge increase in price in many cryptocurrencies over the last few months and GCN is no exception.

Although GCN has yet to see the kind of meteoric rise that Mooncoin, Trollcoin, and HTML5coin have seen it is still priced extremely low compared to other coins with less active development.

Cryptolix Trader is still acquiring GCN at these prices, currently around $3 per million coins.  Here’s the Dogecoin/GCN page on Cryptopia.  Here’s the Litecoin/GCN page.

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