Bleutrade Exchange – Review & Tutorial

We’ve been trading cryptocurrency (alt coins such as Bitcoin, etc.) at Bleutrade for a few months now and figured it was time for a review of our experience(s).  We’ve also provided some tutorials on how to get started.

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The Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Fast and Fun. They Make It Easy To Trade Your Cryptocurrencies Review

We first heard about Bleutrade earlier in 2014, but hadn’t gotten around to making an account and transferring in some cryptocurrency until May or June.

We decided to check them out and start trading because their trading interface is quite a bit different than any other exchange out there.  (if you’re not quite sure what all of this “cryptocurrencies” stuff is all about – check out this good article over on Wikipedia)

How Is Bleutrade Different?

This is not to say that the actual trading process is different – it’s not, but the fact that there are so many different “trading pairs” is what really got our attention.

Many exchanges only allow for trading your favorite cryptocurrency for Bitcoin, and to a lesser extent the other exchanges will allow you to trade in Litecoin too, but only in limited markets.  Bittrex has recently opened some trading pairs with Blackcoin, but not many.

How Many Trading Pairs?

Bleutrade on the other hand allows you to trade any of your altcoins for any other coin, (they have over 2500 different potential trading pairs) so if you want to trade your Dogecoins and buy HTML or Gcoin, or Trollcoin for instance you don’t have to go through the process (like on other exchanges) of first selling your Dogecoin for Bitcoin and then making the trade for the coin you want.

This not only saves time, but it also saves a lot in commissions – one less trade to do in acquiring the coin(s) you want.  Pretty slick in our opinion.

Bleutrade Exchange Video Review

We like trading at Bleutrade so much that we decided to do a video about it.  Check it out below.

Bleutrade Is Growing

Bleutrade is growing in users and the available amount of any one crypto coin is growing too – this allows you to buy crypto at a competitive price as compared to other exchanges.

Can You Always Get The Best Price?

You won’t always find the cheapest price (or even a competitive price for that matter) on any one particular coin – but in the markets with the most activity – think Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, – and the actively traded lesser known coins such as HTMLcoin, Gcoin, Trollcoin (and others) you can be sure that the exchange rates are as good as any other exchange.

There may not be tens of millions of Dogecoin available at prevailing market rates (such as what you can buy at Cryptsy for instance), but for the most part the price will be competitive for what you would pay somewhere else.  Besides, if there was just one exchange that always had the best prices on every coin then most everyone would just trade there, wouldn’t they?

Two Thumbs Up For Bleutrade

Cryptolix gives their full recommendation to Bleutrade.

Click HERE To Visit Bleutrade And Open An Account

We enjoy trading there and recommend anyone who is looking for a better trading experience to check them out. (also check out our Crypto Trading Tips article Join the thousands of others who have opened an account at Bleutrade recently and come and join the community.

We put a banner down below that you can click on to be taken directly to Bleutrade so you can open your account and start trading.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

How To Open An Account At Bleutrade

If you want to know just how easy it is to get an account opened at Bleutrade check out the video below.

How Long Does It Take To Open An Account?

Bleutrade claims it takes just 25 seconds to open an account. Some people may type that fast (we don’t), but I’m pretty sure it didn’t take us longer than a minute.

You do have to use a valid email address because they will send you an email with a confirmation link that you need to click. After that you are ready to make a deposit of your chosen cryptocurrency and start trading.

How To Make A Deposit At Bleutrade

Now that your account is set up you’ll need to make a deposit into your account. The video below will show you the steps necessary.

Can I Deposit Dollars or Euros or ? at Bleutrade?

Bleutrade is not set up to handle Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Real, or any other “regular” currency like some other exchanges are – you’ll have to have some Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, or any one of the dozens of other cryptocurrency that they handle – but you don’t have to provide any banking or financial information either.

This helps you to maintain your privacy. Besides, do you really want your bank (or other financial authorities) knowing your business? We didn’t think so.

How To Trade (Buy and Sell) On Bleutrade

The following video will show you the exact process of how to buy and sell alt coins on Bleutrade.


We hope this Bleutrade review and tutorial has been helpful. If you have any questions about anything on this page you can get in touch with us via our Contact Page. You can also comment below.

If you are ready to open an account at Bleutrade and start trading click the banner below and you’ll be taken directly to the site where you can sign up for free.
Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial – it would be good if they had a page where you can actually see if the price is up compared to what you bought them for.

    Also I can’t work how much a qty is going to cost me in usd

  2. Hey Jack – Thanks for the review on Bleutrade. I had not heard of them before today. I am definitely going to check them out, it looks like they have a lot to offer us “newbie” traders.


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