OK Cash Breaks Higher

After months of consolidation, OK Cash broke higher today – at one point there were buyers at more than twice the price (+100%) from Wednesday’s lows of around 600 Satoshis.

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okcash cryptocurrency image

OKCash is positioning itself to be the leader in the online social payments space.

After months of consolidation, OK Cash broke higher today – at one point there were buyers at more than twice the price (+100%) from Wednesday’s lows of around 600 Satoshis.

October 20, 2016:

The high of the day (so far) as of 6 p.m. EST has been 1350 Satoshis.

OK Cash Breaks Out Of Consolidation After Months Of Accumulation

We’ve been keeping an eye on OK Cash for some time now.  See our previous article Here.

Take a look at the chart on Bittrex.

… more to come, but for now we are keeping a close eye on OK Cash for higher prices in the future.

OKcash cryptocurrency chart

What’s Going On With OK Cash?

Some times it seems that is doesn’t take much to move a cyptocurrency higher.  More buyers than sellers will do it every time.

After several months of trading between 200 and 700 Satoshis with a natural trend higher (higher and higher lows) OKCash broke out today into a new trading area never seen before for the up and coming cryptocurrency.

Traders have been accumulating on any weakness in the price for several months now (Cryptolix included) and the trading volume has increased significantly.

Take a look at the “daily” chart over on Bittrex right here and even more info over on Coinmarketcap.com – The Okcash Forum – 

Lots Going On With OKCash Development

OKcash – The Social Cryptocurrency and More…

written by: dhruvgupta

OKCash entered the cryptocurrency world in 2014 (see our previous article here) and has since then become known for its focus on making the user experience as easy as possible.

Check out what people are saying these days about OK over on Bitcointalk.

It is a proof of stake only currency at this point in time, which means that users earn a percentage on the number of coins they keep in their wallet as long as they keep it open and connected to the internet.

It is a slightly divisive method of mining since a lot of PoS currencies did not stay around for the long run or gave back very low returns.

OKCash is one of the few companies that has structured their blockchain to be very efficient and has run without any major problems since the day of its inception. The currency works on a decreasing annual interest over time, and started its first year with at 20% return.

Interestingly, its name is “OK” to be universally understandable to people around the world, across different languages. The “Cash” part is to denote its use as a financial instrument.

What’s going on with OKCash these days?

OKCash has really distinguished itself by making itself seamless to use across social media. Users can send OKCash to anyone on Reddit or twitter, even if the receiving person does not have a wallet.

The community behind developing the currency has also identified the growing Internet of Things network as an area where it could become a major player.

These everyday objects connected to the internet are hampered by the sometimes hight cost of operations and so the transaction fees being paid to the banks really hurts them.

Currencies like OKCash allow them to bring down their costs significantly. To help achieve this purpose, developers have also released a dedicated Raspberry Pi-compatible operating system that supports ground up cryptocurrency integration for free use in the Internet of Things gadgets.

Playing nice with other currencies is also a huge strength of OKCash as it gives the users confidence about the intentions of the company.

Advantages of OKCash

The speed of transaction is extremely fast and more often than not nearly instant.  Being a PoS currency, it is also extremely energy efficient as it does not require huge mining rigs to be set and is thus also much more inclusive.

Anyone can start mining OKCash by just downloading their wallet and then leaving it open.

The company has also concentrated on making the currency very secure and includes options for anonymous sharing of coins.  OKCash can be purchased with Bitcoin on the Bittrex exchange and with Dogecoin and Bitcoin on the Bleutrade exchange.

With all of the user interest and a great development team it looks like OKCash has a bright future.


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Gcoin – What’s Up? June 2016 Interview With The Developer

We’ve talked a fair amount about Gcoin over the last two years – you can see our articles Here, Here, and Here. While the price has languished somewhat over the

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We’ve talked a fair amount about Gcoin over the last two years – you can see our articles Here, Here, and Here.

gcoin cryptocurrency imageWhile the price has languished somewhat over the past 6 months we’ve recently seen an uptick in price over on Bleutrade – See the chart Here.

Is This A Dead Coin?

There are a lot of alt coins out there that still trade on certain exchanges that are all but dead, but Gcoin certainly is not one of them.

Gcoin Developer’s Thoughts

We recently hit up the Gcoin developer over on Facebook to ask him if there is anything going on with his coin.  This is what he had to say:


Subject: GCoin / GCar.


We are working on the usual GCoin maintenance etc., but there is a background story happening.

We decided about eighteen months ago to work on GCar.  This is a car sharing app.

The idea was to have a car sharing app which had the option to use GCoin as payment.

As we progressed programming we did a lot of of user feedback sessions. We gathered a huge amount of information from the people testing the app.

One example of this feedback was to allow driver and passenger to see each others Facebook
front page so they would feel more secure about their transaction.

The feedback we also got was to hold off integrating GCoin until the app was fully running.

It confused users. Get the transport section running first.

The app is now finished and we intend to set up a few launches over the next four months. We will be setting up a stand at a few music festivals and in colleges in Ireland.

If our app can gain traction and get working we will activate the GCoin feature then.

There has been a huge investment getting this app fully running.

Hopefully it will take off. 🙂

Time will tell !

Also the block reward has halved to G75,000 on GCoin.


So there you have it folks… another crypto coin with (somewhat) active development.

It appears that this coin is not going away anytime soon and with the price at very attractive prices right now it might just pay off in the future to throw some speculative money its way.

You can buy (invest?) in Gcoin right now over on Bleutrade using Dogecoin (the price is way less than 1 Satoshi).


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Could Bitcoin Solve The Ad Blocking Issue?

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting time for cryptocurrency.  As of early March, Bitcoin has been holding $400 support, indicating a sturdy start to the new year. With

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2016 is shaping up to be an exciting time for cryptocurrency.  As of early March, Bitcoin has been holding $400 support, indicating a sturdy start to the new year.

With each passing week we seem to receive more news about possible expansion of cryptocurrency use in a new arena, or even a new nation. There are always innovative new ideas for how the currencies could be made to appeal to new consumer bases, as well as how the blockchain might be implemented in existing financial institutions or elsewhere.

A New Use For Bitcoin?

ad blocking technologyBut now we have a new story about a possible expansion of Bitcoin utility that not too many people saw coming.

Evidently, the cryptocurrency is now being viewed as a possible solution to ad blocking online.

Ad blocking technology has begun to pose a massive problem to digital publishers and online media sites in the past few years, as consumers are finding ways to avoid the very ads that generate revenue for these platforms.

With site visitors no longer obligated to put up with advertisements, advertisers see less of an upside to partnering with websites to buy ad space.  Thus, the websites have to look for new ways to generate revenue.

Is Bitcoin Positioned For This?

In some ways, Bitcoin has already positioned itself to be in consideration for this sort of development. While we’ve heard a lot in recent years about Bitcoin acceptance expanding into brick-and-mortar stores and everyday, in-person use, much of its use still takes place online.

Indeed, many online businesses already accept Bitcoin and have done so for some time now.  These businesses include major companies like Amazon, Target, and PayPal, but also many smaller names.

A Natural Fix?

Additionally, in part because consumers are already comfortable using Bitcoin online, the cryptocurrency appears to be a natural fix for the revenue issue that now faces so many digital publishers and media sites.

The idea would not be for these sites to simply begin charging users with subscription fees to look at content, because the idea of paying a lump sum for any amount of written or watched material is something most people will only consider for a handful of sites at a time.

The Problem

The ad blocking problem is more about consumers’ everyday web surfing, which may take them to a dozen or more sites on a regular basis.  Rather, the idea here would be to allow customers to sign up for a system whereby they would pay tiny amounts of Bitcoin (equivalent to a few pennies) per page view – as an alternative to viewing ads.

The hope for sites employing this sort of system would be to encourage consumers to adopt what feels like a negligible fee for web browsing, which would of course amount to significant revenue on the part of the sites. It’s effectively a different type of subscription, and it would rely on micropayments that could be easily facilitated by Bitcoin.

Frankly, it’s easy to see the benefit of a transition like this for the very sites that are considering kicking it off. However, the benefit for the expansion of cryptocurrency could also be pretty significant.

Right now this discussion remains largely hypothetical, but should it become the norm to sign up for content sites via a Bitcoin micropayment system, it stands to reason that more consumers will be driven to adopt Bitcoin, if only for that purpose. The scale of the impact this could have on digital currency expansion is difficult to estimate, but it could be a major development.

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